We, the Shenandoah County Electoral Board, would like to honor those who worked our polls during the Shenandoah County town elections held last week. Their dedication to conducting free and fair elections while protecting themselves and the voting public from the spread of the virus was both brave and thoughtful.

Our general registrar's staff worked tirelessly to provide the equipment and protective gear to keep our election officers safe, by separation, while conducting the election. They also processed hundreds of absentee ballots, registered new voters and prepared all of the voting apparatus necessary to carry out the election in these uncertain times.

Conducting an election is a very public event that requires close contact with the voters and the Registrar's Office provided awareness and personal protective equipment training to the chief election officers so that they could carry out their duties while protecting both the voters and their election officers.

As we gear up for two more elections this year, the June 23 primary and the Nov. 3 general election, we would remind voters that every absentee ballot cast protects themselves and our elections officers and when visiting their voting precinct to don their own protective masks as a tribute to those who volunteer to assist them in choosing our elected representatives.

The residents of Shenandoah County can take pride in those citizens among them who offer the level of dedication needed to carry out a near-flawless election under the current health crisis.

Charlie House

Ron Moomaw

Ron Bass

Shenandoah County Electoral Board