I find Thomas Sayre, who is running for the Warren County Board of Supervisors in November, to be a man of integrity and one whose voting record, whether as town councilman or board supervisor, so often reflects philosophies and beliefs that I support. A quick internet review of his voting profile reveals some of them (quotations are his):

• Transparency: Mr. Sayre supports limitations on what governing bodies can discuss behind closed doors.

• Responsible development: he opposes "too much high-density development for Front Royal."

• Support for the Samuels Public Library.

• "Staying within budgets and reining in excessive spending." Not just once, for example, has he voted against salary increases.

• Managing taxes to a minimum. "I don't think it's going to sit well with the citizens of Front Royal to raise their taxes when...we have a balanced budget and there are surplus funds available." See Mr. Sayre's voting record against real estate tax and utility rate increases.

• The Great Outdoors; see his support for local hunters, for the Royal Shenandoah Greenway and its bike trails program.

Finally, an internet review shows that Mr. Sayre, whether as a councilman or supervisor, does not shrink from mixing it up with his colleagues in defense of what he believes.

Richard W. Hoover, Front Royal