Being a mother, I have come to sense when kids are uncomfortable. Knowing kids lack how to describe their inadequacies, you can alert them to how they are feeling. Perceiving awkward moments, guide them through as gracefully as possible. I was looking for awkwardness in a defensive mode. After reading this passage that my son wrote for the Kenny Rinker Scholarship I noticed my flaws:

“One of the most overlooked parts of sports is the amount of mental strength it requires to control yourself when you are uncomfortable. It is very common when humans are uncomfortable to look at things in a negative manner, or have unsportsmanlike conduct. Many athletes have peaks, and falls, however; it is the good athletes that remain positive and cheers on others. Good athletes don’t let their emotions speak faster than their thoughts. Good athletes remain positive even in the heat of failure.”

My son learned this principle from swimming. His high school coach, Steve Shaffer, bused the kids all over to provide opportunities.

I feel that our community is flawed in that we do not have an indoor pool to share. An indoor pool would allow us, like it did my son, to overcome the mental fatigue of winterized weather. Satisfaction in life is how you challenge yourself. How your own self drive opens doors.

Let our awkward moments define us, let our mental strength grow! Open the door for all ages to share in a community center with a new pool.

Do Better.

Heidi Leader, Woodstock

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We are being way over taxed now. If you want an indoor pool you should pay for it or fund raise.


The author is obviously a democrat and wants you to pay for her entitlements.

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