We are approaching the serious part of the election campaign of 2020. We already know some astonishing facts about it.

We have Donald Trump, whose every move of the lips has been shown to be a lie, thousands in all. We have also learned that even his written responses to questions of the special counsel have been replete with lies. We know Trump ordered that his illicit sex partners be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in hush money just before the 2016 election. Trump ordered his attorney, and even lackies outside of the government, to engineer the firing of the special counsel. When they refused to do it, he ordered them to write false denials of what had occurred when the media reported them.

Some of the “best people” Trump chose for key jobs now occupy choice spots in the penitentiaries. And more recently, the neo-Nazi mobs and individuals inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric show us how Germany fell into catastrophe in the 1930s.

Have we heard even a peep of objection to the above – and worse – from any of the Trump (I hesitate to say Republican) members of Congress? Perhaps they’re too busy scrambling to gather the blood-soaked bucks of the National Rifle Association.

The courageous Trump leaders in Congress and elsewhere are no doubt indoctrinating their children and grandchildren with the principles of their prime master that have proved so useful in the kind of campaigns they are now fond of conducting. But that could encounter some difficulties. It would require getting the kids out from under lessons they have learned in Sunday school and church.

Voters, as these contests roll along, it would probably be wise to consider not what the Trumpists say, but what they do. For example, Mitch McConnell, Trump’s majority leader (U.S. Senate), refuses to even let come to votes a series of measures designed to prevent Russia from interfering in our elections, now of course in favor of Trump.

Bob Lowerre, Richmond (formerly of Woodstock)