President Biden (I use the term loosely) has snubbed the anniversary of D-Day during the first two years of his presidency. The president is so obtuse and reliant on his handlers that such a momentous time in world history can’t be recognized with or without a teleprompter is an utter slap in the face to the few surviving veterans who participated in the theater of WWII along with the hundreds of thousands who have and continue to serve our country to protect the democracy that we so cherish.

Sadly, I am resigned to the fact that Biden can’t handle anything unscripted and is incapable of speaking of anything beyond laying blame for his own administration’s deficiencies and continuous failures.

Gregory A. Harold, Front Royal

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Trump made no statements and did not attend Veterans Day ceremonies on Nov. 11 2018.


Biden is going down in history as a pretty ineffective president but this is kind of an insane complaint and I see it as someone just looking for a way to throw more insults towards Biden. ALL presidents have handlers and busy schedules. To expect they attend or address every event in US history seems a little on the ludicrous side.

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