I am 81 years old, and never have I seen such disrespect for a president in my lifetime as is being shown to President Trump. There’s an old saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” A lot of those currently in Washington would do well to just get out of the way and stop hindering the president’s efforts to make America great again.

In my opinion, this president is doing a wonderful job for this country. Just look at how our economy has improved under his leadership. His opponents in the Democratic Party seem only interested in three things: bad-mouthing the president, grasping at power and protecting their own pocketbooks.

They, that is the Democrats, lost the election and it’s time they got over it, stopped their whining, and go to work on behalf of the American people. That is what they as well as President Trump were elected to do. Trump is doing his part; the Democrats need to join him.

If the Democrats worked with the president and accomplished something, maybe they would fair better in the next election. I would prefer that the two parties work together for the good of the people and not for special interests or party favor or personal gain.

It has always been my opinion that America has been blessed by God like no other nation on earth. True leadership comes from God, and I believe that is what puts this president head and shoulders above the directions of past presidents. I pray that God will continue to bless America and guide President Trump as he leads. His opponents should join him, follow his lead or simply get out of the way.

Jim Burke, Quicksburg