Around 1:10 Friday afternoon, a white car struck my minivan on Land Grant Road. It appeared suddenly, as if the driver was intent on playing chicken with the next unfortunate vehicle.

The blow slashed the driver-side tire, sending bits of hubcap across the road like salt on a frosty porch. My van was straddling the ditch — any farther, I would have been in a cowfield. I got out and waved my arms, trying to flag down the driver, who sped up and continued away from me. Away from my 7-year-old son, crying. Only dust paused to witness; then, dissipate with the hit-and-run.

Thank you, God, neither I nor my son were hurt. Thank you, mom and dad; thank you, uncle and husband; thank you, officers — all of whom responded to my calls.

Hopefully ,the person driving the white car is okay – that their own driver-side isn’t damaged so badly it needs repair.

Hopefully, they’ll be glad to know we’re okay. Love, after all, is greater than fear. Something our community needs to remember these days. Especially when the only response I can give is shocked silence to the child holding my hand and asking, “Mommy, why didn’t they stop?” Disappointed in my community.

Sarah Kohrs, Mount Jackson