Don’t spend if you cannot afford it


Regarding the Warren County and Front Royal governments: why do you bite off more than you can chew? Your answer to everything is to raise taxes!

You should not buy or build until the money is in the bank, period! What is going to happen next year when you are low in funds? Raise taxes again?

Maybe you could sell some of your assets: Stokes Mart, Afton Inn, Front Royal Golf Course, you so frivolously purchased.

You have income from:

electric tax, telephone tax, internet tax, television tax, meals tax, state tax, real estate tax, personal property tax, gas tax, cigarette tax, and more.

And you still ask for more.

I have to live within my budget. I buy what I have money for. I don’t have anyone to rescue me.

If I overspend or get in a jam, the answer is don’t spend if you cannot afford it!

Wanda R. Darr, Riverton