Okay "R's" it's your time to shine now. Don't blow it. While I voted for Trump, I am so far over him, and I hope you all are as well. How about leading without MAGA or Trump coming from your mouth from this point on? Lead by example. As a life-long Republican, I will no longer vote for the Republican just because of the R and I am sure I am not alone in this. Show you deserve this or I will vote for someone else. Terry M. did not belong in the top position again so I hope Glenn Y. can show us what he has to offer.

As a moderate conservative I say please strive to help those needing the help while at the same time don't allow the "woke" crowd to continue trampling on Virginia. Know that you do not need to roll back everything that is working but you do need to find ways to help Virginia get back on its feet after the pandemic that hit us hard. Do not discount that COVID is real but also do not fear it to the point we are being strangled. Please allow kids the chance to be kids again at school. Please strive to help ALL Virginians. Follow your oath of office.

Wayne Stewart, Edinburg