Ethics and experience


When we heard that Bryan Layton was running for Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney we felt compelled to speak.

Bryan Layton is honest, ethical and very hard working. He is committed to seeing justice done and doesn’t play games with the criminal justice system. If someone is guilty, he will work hard to make sure that they are appropriately punished. However, Bryan will work equally hard to make sure that an innocent person is not convicted unjustly.

Prosecutors wield a great deal of power in Virginia. This is the reality of the system. With a piece of paper, they can have a person arrested and held in jail. This is one of many reasons why Bryan Layton is one of the best prosecutors we have seen, in both skill and ethics. He has shown us repeatedly that he wields power justly.

He is tough and fair and has the experience to do the job well.

William A. “Beau” Bassler, David L. Hensley, Nicole M. Spicer, Front Royal