Shenandoah County’s District 3 Supervisor Brad Pollack, out of anger at the School Board for changing the name of some county schools, has proposed cutting school funding by one-third.

What’s amazing has nothing to do with the renaming but is that in order to strike at the people he disagrees with on an issue, Mr. Pollack supports a measure that would hurt innocent bystanders – our school children.

Amazing, too, that even though Pollack’s Republican colleagues on the Board of Supervisors rejected his more draconian cuts they went along with the principle: they voted to cut the funding but just by a lesser amount.

Maybe it’s not so amazing, after all, when we look at our national politics and observe how often the Republican Party chooses to prioritize fighting against enemies over working for what’s best for the people.

(Not a single Republican in Congress voted for the American Rescue Plan, though it was supported by three-fourths of the American people, including a majority of Republican voters.)

If Pollack and his ilk disagree with decisions made by the School Board, they have the perfect method to express their opinion – the ballot box. Sadly Republicans, including Pollack, appear to have lost faith in democratic processes.

Katherine Morrison, Woodstock