Got Freedom?


Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”

– Ronald Reagan

It’s amazing how a couple of words can often provide all the needed insight to make seemingly complicated issues a piece of cake. How might one explain, for example, the greater need for freedom in America compared to an ever-growing progressive push for government growth to ensure equality?

Watching Town Hall America hosted by Harris Faulkner on April 14, I noticed a gentleman in the audience wearing a shirt with this slogan printed in bold letters, “Got Freedom?” Those two words provided the answer I needed to contrast the America I know versus an America stricken with some of the outlandish and impossible socialist proposals of many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Under socialism, the governing or ruling class owns businesses and industry. Taxes are levied on those who are willing and able to work and collected by the ruling class, with an objective of financial equality for all. Excessive tax burdens to achieve this goal diminish the freedoms of those who should be allowed to use their earnings as they see fit.

Socialism in its purest form is always a failure. There must be some elements of capitalism to balance the dominance of the ruling class who demand financial equality for all while remaining blind to human effort. Sameness is vital to Socialist principles but it never satisfies the human spirit.

Dismiss the rumors you hear about the success of socialism in Scandinavia, ie., Norway, Sweden and Denmark. While tax rates for average families in America are about 15%, they are 47% in Norway, 57% in Denmark and 60% in Sweden. Excessive tax rates are used to ensure a sense of equality but at the expense of freedom and human dignity. The only thing equal about people is that they are all different. Equality among humans is a fantasy.

No need to be confused or uncertain about socialism, “Got Freedom?” says it all.

Leroy Donald. Stephens City