Grant a waiver on curbing


As a life member of the VFW and a member of Post 1860 in Front Royal, I have watched with interest the struggles of the Post to replace the Post home.

I would remind the town leaders that continually since its founding in 1930, Post 1860 has contributed to the welfare of the community. Month after month, when the Post had money in the treasury, we donated money to the schools for air conditioners, school supplies, sports teams and thousands of dollars in scholarships over the years. We also donated a great deal of money to the fire department, Red Cross and many other worthy causes.

The town and county were always glad to receive, but when the VFW is struggling to recover from lack of funds, destruction of the Post home by fire and theft, it seems that our local politicians are unwilling to play the Good Samaritan. Politicians at every level are always talking about how they support our vets, now how about showing us how you do it. Instead of continually setting up roadblocks, give the vets a break and grant a waiver on the curbing. Make it easier rather than harder to get it done!

Jack Keep, Front Royal