Thank you for publishing Marc Thiessen’s recent column (“The Green New Deal means giant tax increases,” Feb. 20). I think after reading more about the “Green New Deal,” Virginia residents are likely to reject it. Here’s why: in Virginia, most like to work, few are “unwilling.” Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to understand that providing for our families and contributing to the economic health of the state and country is a source of pride for Virginians.

Not only are the congresswoman’s socialist ideas misguided, but her energy scheme would cause the tax burden of Virginians to skyrocket and it would make it harder for those of us who are willing to work to find work that pays well. Currently, the commonwealth has 125,500 jobs that are supported by the natural gas industry, and natural gas adds $11.9 billion to the state’s economy annually.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s goal, it seems, would be to not only stop our energy industry’s growth, but to take it away from us. Additionally, her plan would be to get rid of planes and automobiles, eliminating those manufacturing, sales, and servicing jobs too.

The “Green New Deal” is a bad idea for Virginians, and I commend your paper for bringing attention to its ill effects.

Randy Gilbert, Mount Jackson