In spite of the 230-year established meaning of Second Amendment rights, our governor seems eager to trample those rights as part of an effort to control gun ownership in Virginia. Does Virginia's governor really believe in this infringement of constitutional rights, or is he only posing for higher acclaim and regard from others within his party who have the money and means to see him through?

The gun control issue, especially as it relates to gun confiscation, is so out of touch with American values and norms that it makes entrenched Americans, especially Virginians, feel like their state is being controlled by those who would disregard constitutional law. Many Virginians see the gun control effort as unconstitutional and unreasonable!

What sense of logic would have us believe that a firearm fashioned from steel fasteners, springs and machined steel parts could possess a will to take lives rather than the troubled person with a motive and a trigger finger to make it happen?

What sense of warped logic would conclude that federal authorities could confiscate an estimated 400 million firearms in America from gun owners who prefer to keep their guns when an estimated 300 million of those firearms are unregistered and untraceable? Many of us, including myself, feel that reasonable gun sale and gun registration laws – many of which are already on the books – would be reasonable, but who really thinks the radical left's effort to control guns would stop with reasonable efforts?

What lamebrain would conclude that confiscating guns from honest, law-abiding citizens and leaving them in the hands of gangsters and criminals who would refuse to give them up, would lead to a safer America? That would only make America a soft target.

Michael Bloomberg's money won the Virginia Statehouse for Democrats during the last election, and he just happens to be a staunch gun control advocate. Could Virginia's governor be posing from the pocket of Mr. Bloomberg? Is Virginia ready to adopt the radical policies of a deep-blue New York City?

Leroy Donald, Stephens City