Mr. Marino de Medici's article on Hungary ("Budapest and the not-so-blue Danube" on A5 on April 11) omits far too many essential facts.

Hungary has always been a very Christian country. The Blessed Charles, whom many believe is near canonization as a saint, was its last king and was exiled at the end of World War I. Because the Hungarian people recognized the saintly virtues of the Blessed Charles, Hungary remained a monarchy until the 1940s but the dictator Horthy prevented the king from returning while pretending to be a monarchist.

After World War II, the allies turned Hungary over to the Stalinists. Winston Churchill and Pope Pius XII rallied a number of Western countries into an anti-Communist alliance. Conrad Adenauer did govern Germany well, largely because he needed the support of the very Christian Bavarian Social Christians. Alcide de Gasperi did prevent a Communist take-over of Italy but after his death, Italian Christian democracy deteriorated into incredible corruption and an alliance with the formerly Stalinist Italian Socialist Party. In the meantime, the greedy European establishment gradually created unaccountable bureaucratic rule over twenty-three European countries.

In 1956, Hungary rose up against the Communist tyranny, but Eisenhower broke his promise and did not come to its defense. The one positive thing that came out 1956 was the rescue of the persecuted and beloved primate of Hungary, Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty.

Today, the European powers are striving to reduce Great Britain to something a little like the status of a French and German colony and have denounced Hungary (the only European country to come to Britain's defense) in harsh and false terms.

Hungary has recognized the need to reestablish Christian (or perhaps Judeo-Christian) civilization, which inflames the pagans against it. Even more important is the fact that Hungary realizes that the way to stop it from being over-run by Muslims is to increase its own birthrate. The pagans who run the European "government" hate nationalism and liberty, but most of all they hate increasing the number of Christian children.

Charles Mills, Front Royal