Hubert Martin’s achievements


Thanks for publishing an article by reporter Max Lee about the death of my husband Hubert Martin, a former mayor of Strasburg. I would like to add to his achievements.

Hubert Martin was involved in creating a countywide library system. He worked on the Sanitation Commission to create a countywide system and erect the Woodstock new water tower.

At a time when Shenandoah County had no labor office, he established a volunteer organization called JO..B.S. with an office in Woodstock. It helped several hundred people to find part-time and full-time jobs.

As interim town manager, he established sound business practices and handled the great flood that was inundating the sewage plant.

As a plant manager and general director of Chemstone Corp., the small Strasburg vanadium plant, he achieved the best worldwide output. He investigated and addressed the health hazards of vanadium dust, which had not been done by other such plants.

The Strasburg Chamber of Commerce named him Citizen of the Year.

We lived in Strasburg for 40 years and were always involved in community projects.

Claudia Martin, Winchester