It is not often that I agree with any Republican, but I must wholeheartedly agree with his column and thank him for same.

My wife and I travel Interstate-81 several times a year on trips to be among the corps of volunteers at Sports Car Club of America races at Virginia International Raceway, or to go to meetings of our clubs’ Board Of Directors in Durham, North Carolina. During all of these trips, going and returning, we take note of the high amount of truck traffic on I-81.

That I-81 needs expansion is an established fact. But how and where is the big question.

We also use I-81 going from different locations in Winchester as we shop. And believe you me, the stretch through Frederick County really needs widening. There is not only a high amount of truck traffic in that area, there is also a high amount of car traffic. And I believe that any amount of widening of I-81 in that area will result in a lot of business’ interruption and loss. This is brought about by the failure of initial planners to take into consideration future expansion of I-81.

When it comes to expansion of interstates, one need only look at Interstate-66. In 1974, I would leave work in Arlington to go to my property in West Virginia. At that time, I-66 was two lanes both eastbound and westbound. And, it ended just before Haymarket. A few years later, it was completed all the way to I-81. And it is now three lanes each way until Front Royal.

But, the Virginia legislature does not seem to give a hoot about correcting the problems on I-81 or any other interstate roadway in Virginia. I am glad to no longer be a resident of the state, but most of my business is conducted in Frederick County and therefore I spend a fair amount of time on Virginia roads, especially the interstates. It would be a boon if the leg would get off the dime and act on road improvements.

Bob Brookfield, Wardensville, West Virginia