I am distressed with the news coverage on the missile shelling of Israel from the Gaza Strip. The death of woman and children is certainly newsworthy but most of the coverage I have seen concentrates on the deaths and suffering in the Gaza Strip. Israel did not start this conflict! The missile attack began from Hammas led terrorists. There is a long history of these attacks on Israel and it has been reported that woman and children are being used as shields for the terrorists.

Hammas and other mideast groups have often stated their desire to “wipe Israel from the face of the earth.” I am very saddened by he death of innocent civilians but Israel has a right and duty to protect their citizens. Consider what the United States would probably do should we be attacked by missiles from outside our border. I urge the news media to report all of the information including the suffering and hardship by the Israel population. And it is so sad that so many wars and conflicts throughout history have been the result of religious differences. Please — can’t we be more tolerant and just get along with each other.

Tom Knowles, Strasburg