Kudos to two public servants


The other day as I was driving by the now under construction Afton Inn, it struck me that this wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of two fine public servants: former councilman Shae Parker and former EDA Executive director Jennifer McDonald.

It was Shae’s idea to swap the old town hall for the Afton Inn. It was an outside-the-box idea that the council accepted as a “Hail Mary” attempt to try to finally do something about the blight of the Main Street anchor building. The EDA, under Jennifer’s leadership, took on the project, managed the process, marketed the building and we will soon once again see the Afton Inn a contributing structure to the economic and social activity of the downtown.

So thank you Shae for your service and your ideas. The voters may not have rewarded you with a new term, but I applaud your efforts, even when we disagreed – which we did a number of times.

Thank you Jennifer for your 10 years of leadership and work on behalf of our community at the EDA. I’m sorry that you have been so viciously attacked because you had the vision to see a better community. You had the audacity to be innovative in your approach and always have the best interest of your hometown in mind. For that you were thrown under the proverbial bus. You deserve better.

When the Afton Inn renovations are complete I hope people see it as a testament to the hard work and creative thinking of these two good public servants.

Bret Hrbek, former councilman, Town of Front Royal