Recently, we've experienced harsh weather conditions across the country. Temperatures plunged, snow fell, and in some places the power grid collapsed and following that so did the water systems. And once again, many were not prepared to take care of themselves and their families in an emergency situation. Haven't we learned?

People are again lining up for food, water and fuel and hoping the federal government will swoop in and take care of them! Well, don't expect the feds to bail you out each and every time something goes down.

"Be prepared." The federal guidelines of having 72 hours of emergency supplies on hand is a good start. Ideally, everyone should have 30 days of emergency supplies on hand. Be prepared to take care of yourself for an extended period. Instead of buying the latest phone or mega TV, look into purchasing a generator, survival food/water, and some medical supplies.

Don't expect the government to take care of you every time the stuff hits the fan...they won't!

Don Baldwin, Linden