The past few months, a travesty has occurred in the Strasburg Fire Department. Rightfully so, the perpetrators have been dismissed, and life goes on. Because of this action, a blemish has affected the whole fire department, and this letter is meant to change that.

Two weeks ago I left a message at the fire department that our community of Stony Pointe had a need for a fire truck ladder to be used to install a new rope on one of our flags that had broken. The pully on top of the pole is 25 feet high, and a 16-foot ladder just was not going to reach.

Out of the blue, I get a call from the fire department saying they could meet me in 20 minutes to install the new rope. I did meet the two firefighters and was impressed by their kindness and professional demeanor. The task was completed in 20 minutes.

I had one gentleman from our community of 94 home sites stop by and say he was so impressed by the fire department that he was going to double his donation next December during their annual fundraiser event.

My grandson is a firefighter in Fauquier County, completing six months of intensive training, physical, mental and medical. He will be called on to carry a 60-pound pack on his back to go into a fire zone, administer CPR and use the jaws of life to extricate a victim of a traffic accident.

Another grandson is a police officer in Warrenton, who also had six months of the same type of training before entering the force.

Our men and women in the Strasburg fire and police departments have done the exact same training. So, let bygones be bygones and support our men and women in these two departments, knowing that when that siren goes off or candles get lit upon a vehicle that they are putting their lives in harm's way for you and me.

Bob Robinson, president, Stony Pointe Homeowner’s Association, Strasburg