Each day I see the pictures and hear the stories of the atrocities committed by our government against migrant children and families at our southern border. The traumas of the mass separations, children crammed together, sleeping on concrete with lights on and malnourished are all beyond heart-wrenching. The comparisons with concentration camps are inescapable: the hatred, dehumanization and brutality. At least six children have died and countless others are ill. It’s a lie that current policy is a continuation of Obama programs: there were no deaths of detained children during the eight years of the previous administration.

These mass atrocities have nothing to do with reasonable immigration policy and everything to do with racism and cruelty. As The Atlantic columnist Adam Serwer stated: “Cruelty is the point.” Those of us in this country who are white all come from an immigrant or refugee heritage. What if our ancestors had been treated this way at Ellis Island or other points of entry? Why isn’t the government locking up the mostly white employers who promise a better life to immigrants by continuing to hire them?

Trump himself has employed many undocumented immigrants at his Mar-A-Lago estate over the years.

Where are the Christian values, such as: “You shall love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt “(Deuteronomy 10:19) or “As you’ve done to the least of these my brethren, you’ve done to me?” (Matthew 25:40). Remember, the Holy Family were immigrants fleeing for their lives to Egypt after the birth of Jesus (Matthew 2:13-15).

Where’s the pro-life ethic when children are allowed to suffer and die in these horrible conditions? Our leaders need to know that we demand these crimes against humanity stop.

Carol Olson, Front Royal