It's certainly fair game and anyone's right to criticize the positions of someone running for elective office, but if one does, be truthful about those positions.

In a recent letter, Mr. Poplar, of Quicksburg, thoroughly misrepresented State Senate candidate April Moore's remarks to the voters of Senate District 26. Contrary to Mr. Poplar's words, Ms. Moore has been saying plenty about how her opponent has been commenting, legislating and voting on Virginia, and specifically, District 26 issues.

Regular readers of the Northern Virginia Daily  have seen Ms. Moore's ads criticizing the incumbent for 1) working to keep low the wages of hard-working Virginians; 2) blocking hundreds of thousands of Virginians from getting decent health care coverage they deserve; 3) weakening the position of working Virginians in relation to their big corporate employers; and 4) blocking every effort to get Virginia to join with neighboring states to take responsible action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help stabilize our climate, and in the process, save consumers money.

I know April Moore. All of her positions are founded on their positive effect on the well-being of the people in this district. Her persuasive critiques of her opponent have highlighted the ways in which Mark Obenshain has been serving Big Money interests - to the detriment of and at the expense of the people.

Linda Allen, Toms Brook

* * *

Correction: This letter has been updated in the second graph to read Senate District 26.