President Trump wants $5.7 billion to build his wall. Democrats are willing to give $1.4 billion to finance regular border patrol operations. That $4.3 billion gap is causing our government shutdown.

The president reminds us he's a self-acclaimed billionaire, even though he is the only president in our country's history who refuses to release his tax records.

Why can't he pony up $500,000 toward his goal? Then he could get the Koch brothers to kick in a hefty share, along with his corporate raider Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Other Republican contributors and corporate CEOs should contribute after receiving their multi-billion-dollar tax relief.

Such a magnificent gesture would cause his "do no wrong" base to bow down and worship him even more. But he'd better do it quickly before his less than a third of the nation's voters base erodes even further – and before the country goes deeper in debt, confusion, division and chaos!

Bob Cullers, Front Royal