I am a values voter. I value the sanctity of human life, affording everyone justice and equality in the pursuit of happiness; preservation of the natural environment, as our survival depends on it; competent, caring government, guided by science, heedful of experts, and committed to the well being of all; truth, both trying to discern it and being guided by it. Donald Trump in his words and deeds does not share my values.

The separation of immigrant families at the border, and their brutal, inhumane treatment, is a crime and national disgrace. Despite shocking coverage and public outrage, the abuse continues.

Tolerating and even furthering the evil of racism must be opposed and ended. The horrifying, on camera, torturous murder of George Floyd finally made this undeniable and unavoidable to all - except Donald Trump. Racial injustice and accompanying violence are not only manifest in police brutality, but also in rates of incarceration, and inequality in government services. Our president's response is to attack those opposing this injustice and to honor those who fought to preserve slavery.

The Trump administration busies itself with dismantling environmental protections, giving the green light to polluting industries. This is an often unnoticed, ongoing process.

I refuse to accept the disastrous handling of the COVID-19 epidemic. All countries began this year facing the same challenge. The United States' response has been abysmal. The wealthiest country on earth suffers one of the worst outcomes. So much of what is wrong with Trumpism has found expression and come to deadly fruition in this crisis: the denial of science, prioritizing the financial interests of the upper class, and the politicization of everything for partisan gain.

One constant in the Trump presidency is lying. The above facts are called fake news, blamed on the despised press. It's no accident that a free press is enshrined in the Constitution's First Amendment. Truth-seeking and telling are indispensable to democracy. Autocrats are always enemies of a free press.

Values are the expression of morality. This nation's morality is on the ballot this fall. What values are you voting for?

Eric Olson, Chairman, Warren County Democratic Committee, Front Royal