Have you ever wondered about the Swiss and Germans who settled the northern portion of the valley in the 1740s? They brought with them their art and religion. These pioneers would meet challenges such as the American Indian massacre at Narrow Passage. Many men would leave the area to fight in the American Revolution. An example would be the Battle of Cowpens. Daniel Morgan would be victorious. The Civil War would destroy the valley in 1864. Their sons would ride with Ashby, Rosser, and “Stonewall.” Sheridan set this beautiful valley ablaze during the Yankee invasion. The people were starving, but they survived. Many did not have slaves. How dare they fight the Yankees! What traitors! I’m talking about my ancestors at Narrow Passage, Cowpens, and soldiers of the Confederacy. These early settlers gave us what we love about the area.

People can change names on buildings and take down statues but what has really been accomplished? Nothing! As long as one person or family tells these stories to their children and grandchildren the truth will not die. There are many books on the history of the area. You may want to educate yourself.

Cynthia Lytton Sibert, Woodstock