I have written before urging the governor to consider opening businesses, etc., in regions instead of opening/closing the entire state. I hear he has declined to do this based on “fairness.” Fairness to whom? Counties with relatively few cases of the virus should not remain closed with people suffering from a lack of income, therefore a lack of funds to buy food and other necessary items and to pay bills that must be paid.

The following statistics are from the Virginia Department of Health, as of May 14 (exact numbers are by my rough count):

Thirty-eight counties have 90 or fewer cases of the virus out of 100,000 out of 95 total counties (40%).

Sixty-three counties have 90 or fewer total cases (66.31%). Twenty-eight of these are in Southern and Southwestern Virginia (44%). This is an entire region of the state that the governor might consider reopening. Counties in this region with a higher number of cases might remain closed a while longer.

Three counties have zero cases.

The sick, not the healthy, should be quarantined.

Governor Northam, open parts of our state that have a smaller number and percentage of cases of COVID-19.

L. John Bost,