We all are celebrating graduating seniors this week! What kinds of gifts are most appropriate this year? In Shenandoah County, cash is king, because it is immediately required to pay for our county government in Woodstock. Parents and students who own cars and trucks, just got hit with a whopper property tax bill, due June 5 -- or else.

Also this week, the price of 87 octane regular in the Shenandoah Valley is up to nearly $4.50 a gallon. It's like 1979 without rationing, which may come. At the same time, it's exactly like 2009 when Virginia was the Number One personal property tax state in the union. And, it is like the 2022 we have come to know and love, when we pay more than ever for a local county government that is larger -- per capita -- than ever.

Our graduating classes have run up against a Shenandoah County trifecta of taxes, inflation and local government greed -- and this is a direct result of actions by our elected leaders at every level. Our new graduates have certainly hit the jackpot -- without the fun, the exhilaration, or the payout.

I advise graduating seniors to leave the state and go see the world -- ideally on foot, on bikes, or on horseback. Adventure awaits!

Karen Kwiatkowski, Mount Jackson

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[thumbdown]The other respondent makes their case with complete non sequiturs. There is no comparison of quality of services and the tax base in making an argument between Shenandoah county and Loudoun or Fairfax counties. The two listed are the wealthiest in the country.


The other respondent misses the point grossly. It was about the lame crying of taxes when you have lived in another jurisdiction with high taxes, have moved here and are paying so much less.


Karen, or is it Susie, Your lamenting on taxes in Shenandoah County fall on deaf ears. How do our taxes compare to those in Northern Virginia? Perhaps you lived in military housing there? You of course know that Shenandoah County has no control over gas prices? You don't have to encourage folks to leave the County. They have been leaving in droves for decades. Being a bastion for Trump supporters and continuing to fight the Civil War by naming our schools for Confederate generals of a lost cause doesn't help.

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