People still need help with health care


Health insurance is still a difficult topic. High deductibles, high premiums, and increasing prescription costs have impacted everyone. A family of four making 200% of the federal poverty level does not qualify for expanded Medicaid. What does that mean in real numbers? If they are making $50,200 annually, they would not qualify for Medicaid.

Here in Warren County, we are fortunate to have St. Luke Community Clinic, serving Warren County residents for 23 years. With the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid expansion, there is an impression everyone now has access to the medical care they can afford. They do not. There are still people working part-time or in service-related jobs that do not provide health care benefits. There are those who are between jobs and cannot afford COBRA. There are those who have never had health care and experience untreated medical issues.

St. Luke Community Clinic is also being affected by the Medicaid expansion and the Health Insurance Market Place. There has been a dramatic drop-off in giving from the local community because the assumption is people now have access to coverage. This support is still necessary for St. Luke to continue to serve Warren County. To keep St. Luke viable for years to come, it needs support.

If anyone is in need of health care, they should come by the clinic at 316 N. Royal Ave. to see if they qualify. We work with people up to 300% of the federal poverty level. (Federal poverty levels for Virginia can be found online by searching for 2019 FPL Virginia.)

Nancy Rose, Front Royal