I am writing in support of the U.S. Postal Service, which is in grave danger of running out of funds by June, according to the Postal Workers Union.

The reason for the dire financial stress of the USPS stems from an outrageous law passed in 2006 requiring it to pre-fund its retirees medical benefits 75 years in advance at a cost of $110 billion, with annual payments of $5.5 billion for 10 years. No other federal or private agency has been dealt this burden. An additional outrage is that these funds have been diverted to help pay down the national debt rather than being set aside for postal retirees.

In February, the U.S. House passed The USPS Fairness Act sponsored by Congressman Peter DeFazio. This act would repeal the 2006 law. We need to urge its passage by the Senate. We also need to support inclusion of the USPS in federal COVID-9 relief funding.

The Postal Service is vitally important, especially in rural areas. I have always been impressed with the dedication and competence of postal workers and the reliability of mail delivery in the harshest of weather conditions. Now their lives are at risk during this pandemic as they take care of getting our mail to us, including medicine, food and correspondence with loved ones. Our very right to vote safely during this pandemic may depend on them for mailing absentee ballots to us.

There is no substitute for the Postal Service. I urge us all to support it as consumers and as advocates for fair legislation.

Carol Olson, Front Royal