Prayers to people of Sri Lanka


On Easter Sunday we learned about the horrific attacks on innocent people at churches and other venues in Sri Lanka. These attacks left hundreds dead and injured. The death toll continues to rise.

We at the Islamic Society of Winchester and all members send our condolences and prayers to the people of Sri Lanka and we strongly condemn these attacks.

The Islamic Society of Winchester and all people of conscience are alarmed at these ruthless, barbaric acts of terrorism against innocent people that continue to raise their ugly head around the world. We are still trying to recover from the recent attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and prior to that on a synagogue in Pittsburgh and a church in Charleston.

The ideology of hate, bigotry and racism is taking a toll on the people of this world. It’s time we unite against all those who subscribe to the ideology of hate and bigotry. It’s time we show solidarity with those who have been the victims of these atrocities regardless of religion, race or color.

And we pray to God to keep us all safe. May God allow us to stand together against all forms of injustice and violence and be an advocate of peace and unity.

Hussein Rashwan, media and interfaith representative of the Islamic Society of Winchester