Last week the Stephens City Town Council amended the town code, stripping the recently elected Democratic mayor of supervisory duties and relegated the mayor’s role to being “consulted for general advice.” The Town Council vote gave powers previously held by the mayor to the town manager.

As is happening in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Michigan, many Republican office holders across the country seem to think that their views are so inherently correct that they have the right to cling to power by any means necessary. They believe that their policies are the only option, and will act to make their influence felt, no matter how far it stretches the civic fabric of representation by the voting process.

Is this notion of “anything goes” to gain power trickling down from the party leaders? Does the disregard for representative governance come from higher up? In recent years, the rage to upset the status quo has trampled many ideals of fairness and honesty. They maintain certainty, without any substance, that their ideas are worth more than any long-held standards.

For what reason do they strip Mayor Diaz of power after the town elected him to that position?

Steve Foreman, Front Royal