I want to congratulate the Shenandoah County School Board for their courageous decision to the keep the new names for the schools in Shenandoah County. It was the right decision and a positive step that will serve the county well.

In particular, board member Marty Helsley demonstrated real integrity and leadership with his vote. His courage may cost him his position on the School Board but that is the price true leaders pay sometimes when a very vocal dogmatic minority is in opposition to what they wrongly perceive is a threat to their view of history.

It is far past time to support Jim Crow glorification of the Confederacy and its leaders. The attempted self-destruction of the United States of America more than 150 years ago should be recognized for what it was, an evil event to maintain the enslavement of black citizens in perpetuity. The rebellion and Civil War cost more American lives than any war since. The leaders of that rebellion should not be honored in any way.

Joseph Schad, Col. USAF retired, Strasburg

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