How heartbreaking to see on the streets of Woodstock (Women’s March 10/2) those who would stop the beating hearts of the unborn. Some say taking away abortion rights would revert to The Dark Ages. Rather, they are in The Dark Ages by not availing themselves of today’s many forms of birth control. Abortion is murder! It violates the U.S. Declaration of Independence with its statement of the unalienable rights given to all humans by their Creator and for which governments are created to protect: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Since the 1973 Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion, more than 62.5 million unborn babies have perished due to this wanton act. Admittedly, an unwanted pregnancy is traumatic. But the feelings of guilt and regret are also devastating and can last a lifetime. If after giving birth, the baby is unwanted, give the child up for adoption. You will be giving the precious gift of life to someone who so desperately wants a child.

Remember the Sixth Commandment of the Ten, given by God, written for all time on tablets of stone: “Thou shalt not kill.” And Mary kept her Baby.

Patricia F. Ladehoff, Woodstock