As a native of Front Royal and Warren County and also a property owner and taxpayer in both the town and county, I follow news online in the Northern Virginia Daily. The current situation with the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority and missing funds is quite a mess as the news spreads.

I am often asked by colleagues here in Richmond to explain what is going on in my hometown. That I cannot do. However, I am still baffled regarding the situation with the Afton Inn property. I found it strange when I first read that the Town of Front Royal had swapped its beautiful old town hall for the property in the first place. Who thought this was a good deal? The town hall is a historic treasure. Unfortunately, the Afton Inn is a pile of bricks ready to crash down on Main Street.

These are sad times for Front Royal and Warren County. It is my hope that lessons have been learned and that those responsible for the criminal activities will be prosecuted. The citizens of Front Royal and Warren County deserve better.

Jeb Hockman, Henrico