Warren County Supervisors should say no to any rezoning proposals offered by Crooked Run West LLC altering the original plans for commercial to residential.

The property is adjacent to a prime commercial marketplace and it should be retained for use as such or for potential light manufacturing or data centers.

The property is in the wrong place for a large residential project as is proposed. Even the reduction from 225 to 150 homes per year is not significant enough to make up for the lack of highway infrastructure. Add in the additional 600 apartments that probably will be built early on, then one is looking at an unacceptable amount of vehicle traffic in that area, which is already congested with tractor trailer traffic making deliveries and pickups at nearby businesses – and don't forget about the influx of large trucks due to the presence of the Inland Port.

The area needs permanent jobs that will be here for years, not just residential construction jobs. I urge the Town of Front Royal to resist running water out to support a project that does not reflect the current comprehensive plan. If the Board of Supervisors  and the Planning Commission give a thumbs-up for the developer's rezoning plan, then the town and county property owners and residents will end up paying higher real estate and property taxes. A large-scale residential project in a prime commerical/manufacturing area would seal up the fate of Warren County and Front Royal for the next 30 years remaining a bedroom community. Is that what Front Royal and Warren County property owners and residents really want?

Bruce Rappaport, Front Royal