Sen. Mitch McConnell has abdicated his role as the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, and by doing so has done damage to our Constitution.

The Congress has worked its will on legislation to fund government agencies without providing the president with the money he requested for a border wall. If the president disagrees with Congress’ action, he can veto the bill and then Congress can either override the veto or sustain it. That is our Constitutional process.

Presidents have on occasion vetoed legislation by Congress that impacts U.S. foreign policy. The president might agree with the policy goals of the Congress but, under the Constitution, only the executive branch can conduct foreign policy.

Only Congress has the power to tax citizens and dispense revenue. The Constitution does not allow the president to do that.

By indicating his support for the president’s declaration of a national emergency so that he, the president, can build a wall, Sen. McConnell has made the Senate a part of the executive branch. Ignoring the Constitution, Sen. McConnell has told the president he can do whatever he wants regardless of Congress’ will.

Sen. McConnell is not protecting the legislative branch from the attack by the executive branch. Sen. McConnell can support the president as a senator from Kentucky, but his responsibility as majority leader carries with it the role of protecting the prerogatives of the legislative branch. If he does not wish to do his job, he should resign as majority leader.

Tom Howarth, Front Royal