As the 2019 campaign season begins, I am responding to a social media message from the Shenandoah County Republican Party chair who states on Facebook: “Our Virginia Dems want to kill babies already born. Our VA Dem Reps voted for open borders, leaving children to be raped and trafficked for sex. THEY ARE SICK AND EVIL. More than moving aside, VA Socialist Dems must leave our government!”

I am here to set the record straight. Democrats are not socialists. We seek to restrain the self-destructive excesses of capitalism and channel the government’s use of tax money into creating opportunities for all.

We do not want to kill babies. We want a woman’s right to her own reproductive system to be hers. If deemed necessary to abort to save the mother’s life, then that decision should be made by the woman, her doctor, and her God. No woman in her third trimester would knowingly abort unless there is no other medical recourse. This abortion argument needs to be left out of government control. If the Republican Party is so opposed to abortion, then provide resources to help those young, poor, minority mothers.

Democrats do not want open borders. We want sensible solutions; updated technology, better-trained border security, humanitarian efforts, and repairs to existing barriers. We believe children and families should be protected and safe. We are family oriented and believe all God’s children deserve a chance to thrive in a safe society.

We believe in decency, kindness and respect to our fellow man. We want opportunities for everyone; equal rights for women; better affordable health care including mental illness and addiction treatment; quality public education; a safe, clean environment; universal background checks with a waiting period that allows for a thorough background check. This will not affect 2nd Amendment rights.

Dear Republican chair and party, if this sounds like Democrats are sick and evil, then we are guilty as charged. However, I believe it says Democrats are good, decent people who care about our community, state, and nation. We will stand and fight diligently for our democracy and the right for freedom for all!

Yvonne Lytton, Woodstock