The Warren County Department of Social Services is asking for a pay increase for its workers, and I am sure that some pay of those increases are justified. But in return, I believe that the department owes citizens accountability and transparency. I am certain there are reports available on operations of the department.

However, there may have been requests for assistance that have gone unanswered or ungranted. I believe that information must be made public.

In mid-2012, my husband had a serious fall at our home. At that time, a representative of the department spoke to me about installing a ramp for easier access to our home from our yard. We are still waiting for information on that request. This is completely unacceptable. Social workers who can’t do any better than this really aren’t meeting minimum standards of competence.

They were overpaid in 2012, and don’t need a pay raise in 2019.

Marilyn H. Lott, Front Royal