This past May 11, the Strasburg Town Council took action to deny a special use permit (SUP) application that had been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. The SUP was for a modern, climate-controlled storage facility to locate in the Business Park on impaired property that has been vacant since the park’s initial development in 1999. The storage units, much needed in the community, would have been the first sizable investment (since Mercury Paper) in the park from a company located outside the county.

The council’s rejection was based on storage facilities not being in the Park Ordinance and the business’s revenues. Council indicated that they did not like dealing with SUPs and asked the town staff to study and re-write the ordinance. No regulation will be totally inclusive and asking for additional bureaucratic study is wasteful and disingenuous.

The council’s economic discussion was anemic, at best, as some member suggested that since the revenues to the town from the storage business would not pay for the anticipated park connector road, the business was not viable.

None of the individual businesses currently in the park would financially support the road project. Roads are community investments built for the value/safety of the town. The economics of the storage business does compare with some others in the park and should have been given an opportunity to perform and grow.

The citizens of Strasburg deserved this business at this location.

David Blount, Middletown