The staff and children of Warren County Public Schools lost a very valuable commodity, Superintendent L. Gregory Drescher.

Mr. Drescher has had a distinguished 33-year teaching career in our school system since the late 1980s. Maybe Mr. Drescher was once your teacher. Maybe he was your co-worker at Ressie Jeffries Elementary School, E. Wilson Morrison, or your principal at Hilda J. Barbour, or at Central Office. Maybe you worked with him on community projects, or maybe he was just your friend as he and his wife are mine. If any of the above relates to you, then you know Mr. Drescher as a man who deeply cares for the staff and children of Warren County Public Schools. His career cannot be diminished.

In July, the Warren County Public Schools were able to give an across-the-board, 3% cost of living raise for all employees, trying to stay competitive with surrounding counties in order to keep our good teachers in our classrooms. One little-mentioned fact is that Mr. Drescher and his team supported and encouraged a partnership with The Laurel Center to support students who are or have been victims of sexual abuse. He initiated mental health first aid training for teachers. He also increased focus and support for students requiring mental health intervention. These programs helping students’ mental health can off-set disasters that we see in other communities. Bravo!

A hungry child cannot learn. In Warren County, at E. Wilson Morrison specifically, children can eat a free breakfast and a free lunch because Mr. Drescher and his team saw the need to tap into the Community Eligibility Program. And the summer of 2018 saw the implementation of the summer mobile food program under his watch.

Your Warren County Public Schools student has a Chromebook….thank you, Mr. Drescher. It has been one of his goals to keep Warren County Public Schools students up to date with technology so they can be competitive in today’s world.

Mr. Drescher is a true educator. As with all things, his early retirement may be a blessing in disguise for him and his family. Good luck, Mr. Drescher, you will be missed!

Kathleen Brugh, Front Royal