Waking up to find a behemoth-looking object sitting in your front yard is enough to make you think that something from outer space has landed. I have to admit –  it was a scary situation and even scarier seeing a couple of guys in your yard doing some serious digging. My wife couldn't wait any longer – she had to go out and ask what in the world is going on.

Come to find out, our location was the first in the development for Comcast to start laying cable. Needless to say, the front yard is a mess. Surely Comcast will take care of any and all damages? My fingers are crossed.

Anyhow, each individual dwelling will have the same process take place. Things are gonna get nasty for a while with all of the drilling and digging through rocky terrain. To my understanding, all of Strasburg will be getting the same treatment. So be on the lookout for that huge behemoth-looking piece of machinery named the "Ditch Witch" to show up in your front yard.

Ed Tooma, Strasburg

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