I would like the voters of Shenandoah County to ask their supervisor to inquire about how our personal property tax is assessed. Our taxes are assessed on the NADA Book Clean trade-in. My truck was evaluated at $37,275 and I only paid $35,495 before rebates 18 months ago. I don't believe it's worth more now than I paid for it. Furthermore, no one that I know of ever gets a clean trade-in when they trade their vehicle. I should know, as I was in the auto business for over 30 years. The fair trade value would be more like it. I realize that autos are holding greater value, because of availability. However, that doesn't mean that the county should gouge and take advantage of us during these hard times. After all, most politicians campaign on a pledge to lower our taxes. I urge the Shenandoah County Supervisors to take immediate action on this hardship for the voters of Shenandoah County.

Frank Painter, Edinburg

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