Taxpayer Appreciation Day is Thursday


Recently the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors adopted a proclamation naming Thursday as the first annual Taxpayer Appreciation Day. To my knowledge, this is an historic first observance in the county. Finally, county government has formally recognized the valuable contribution of the average taxpayer. I commend the supervisors for this action.

The proclamation states in part (space does not permit a full quotation):

“Whereas, As a prelude to Public Service Recognition Week, we wish to proclaim the first County Taxpayer Appreciation Day…During Taxpayer Appreciation Day, we acknowledge our County’s citizenry for their hard work and willingness to serve each other and to support a strong County government for the benefit of our residents and visitors. The contributions of the dedicated men and women of Shenandoah County in going to work each day or in volunteer activities strengthens our County and makes a profound difference in the lives of all…The members of our community bring incredible skills, tireless dedication, and selfless service to a broad range of career fields… Our citizenry are the underpinning of all the operations of our community… Every day, our citizens help make our County and America better, safer, and stronger. On this day, we honor their efforts and extend our gratitude for their exceptional and steadfast commitment to contributing to the strength and economic wellbeing of the great County of Shenandoah Virginia…We call upon all persons and government agencies to recognize the dedication of our citizens and to observe this day by reflecting on their important contributions to the community…”

I would remind all of us that while the public employee supports the citizen, we must not forget that the average citizen is the reason for government. Our taxpayers in turn support wanted and needed government services, making possible many desirable jobs including our public schools, fire and rescue, public safety, water and sewer, courts, and other general government administration, none of which would be possible or even needed without the average citizen.

Shenandoah County is a great place because of the great people that live here.

Dr. Stephen Curtis, DVM, Edinburg