Because of the tariffs on Chinese goods implemented by the president of the United States, we are paying a “tax” on all goods purchased from China.

So far, anyone buying a washing machine has had to pay about $100 more for that machine than they would have before the tariffs. Also, because of the tariffs, China has not been buying soybeans from American farmers, and has developed other markets for their soybeans, essentially destroying many farmers in America.

To address this, the president of the United States turned to socialism in order to provide American farmers with relief in the form of a government handout.

Now, the president of the United States promises to add more pain to American consumers by increasing the present tariffs by Friday. So, the New York Stock Exchange opened down 450 points on Monday. I wonder if the president of the United States told any of his friends he was going to make this announcement over the weekend before the markets closed on Friday so they could make a fortune selling high on Friday and buying low on Monday.

In the meantime, the rest of us are being shafted by this trade war with China. Are we great again, yet?

Michael Cash, Maurertown