April Moore recently penned a letter critical of Ben Cline's opining that the impeachment of President Trump was a "sham." She does this by quoting Republican politicians seeking the adulation of the press by agreeing with Democrats. The weakness in her argument is that she offers not hard evidence, but the blatherings of these weak, soft politicians who have a natural inclination toward such adulation. Hardly a reliable source. If there was hard evidence, it would be in the transcript of the phone call made to President Zelenski. If there was hard evidence Moore would quote from the transcript. But there is none. This was why impeachment failed. Despite all their dire accusations, there was no evidence. Despite all their witnesses hypothesizing about what Trump "really" meant in the discussions with Zelenski, there was no evidence.

Moore is behaving like many Democrats. The issue is done and over, but she can't let it drop. We are in the middle of a national crisis, and she feels it necessary to attack Ben Cline for daring to say that the Democrats pushed an unnecessary impeachment with no evidence. In other words, a sham!

Trump's impeachment was similar to Trump's "Russian Collusion" hoax. There was never evidence, just people hypothesizing, and the press writing, talking, always with the caveat, "If true…". But it never was true and the press and Democrats carried this utterly false story for well over two years. We have later found that those who opposed the president, lied to a FISA court repeatedly in order to obtain warrants to spy on his campaign. Also, Adam Schiff helped keep the story alive by claiming to have seen the evidence and that it was overwhelming. Robert Mueller disagreed. The question becomes, can we trust Democrats, liberals, leftists. The answer is no. And please, no more accusations, allegations or pronouncements. They are simply pompous, pious, platitudinous, and have become quite predictable and tiresome.

Bill Castellan, Front Royal