I think it is time that we protect our children like we protect classified information, intellectual property, money deposits, and every other material thing we value. What is more valuable than children?

The modifications to schools would be worth every penny. Raise my taxes to pay for it. I would happily pay more to protect our kids. In light of all of the school shootings in our history, I believe making our schools very difficult to get into is key. Biometric identification, mantrap-type entry doors, one way in/out, bullet proof glass, double-entry doors (mantrap) on classrooms with bulletproof glass.

We do this immediately and while that's being done, the church needs to bring God back into the equation. We had just as many guns in the 50s and 60s, maybe more per family even, but we didn't have mass shootings because back then people/society had a moral compass. We knew God, we revered God, if we didn't attend church ourselves we respected those who did. The Bible was read every morning to the class by the teacher, we said the Lord's prayer, and we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Back then there was respect for life, we weren't taught that we came from primordial soup, there wasn't an attitude of it's okay to kill an unborn child. We have become a depraved society. And we have communicated to our kids that their lives are not special or valuable. They don't know where they've come from, why they're here or where they're going. No wonder those with mental or emotional problems sometimes do horrific things, like shoot up schools.

We need to fortify our schools, begin to revere God again, and provide more help to those who have mental or emotional illness. We owe this to our kids.

Adia Douglas, Woodstock

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Assault rifles were not available in the 1950's and not many in the 1960's. The mass producing of assault rifles began in the 1980's. Today there are 15 million at least in the hands of Americans. Yes, there were a lot of guns per household in the 1950-60's but not the types of guns available today which are semi-automatic with large capacity magazines. Maybe that explains the 1950's and 1960's lack of mass shootings???

Kathy Kehoe

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, I went to Sunday School and church. I didn't need to learn religion at school. A "depraved society" is one that preaches that religion will prevent mass killings. Being judgmental and self-righteous is its own form of mental illness, a mental condition that justifies misinformation and rationalizes conspiracy theories..

Linda Allen

The misinformation astounds. There is no understanding of the massively hardened schools since Columbine, the trauma caused by annual (or more) active shooter drills, the rate of unintended/unwanted pregnancies in the 50s and 60s before birth control was widely available, and the the utter failure of thoughts and prayers to do ANYTHING to reduce gun violence. The fact is, we allow anyone to purchase weapons that shred human bodies. Without those, the mental health problems of US males would be no more notable than those in any other country. For data, see https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41488081


Linda Allen do you just copy and paist the same reply. Please do more studying and what does bitrh control have to do with this subject.

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