Most citizens who travel on Interstate 81 I am sure will agree that it is overloaded with all types of vehicular traffic. The situation has deteriorated to the point that safe travel is a big concern.

No doubt improvements need to be made and are not likely to happen without the funds to pay for them. The “free lunch” is not free; it needs to be paid for. I do not think tolls are an unreasonable way to fund direly needed improvements. Without funding and improvements, the situation is only going to get worse.

Mr. John Massoud’s commentary published in your Jan. 24, 2019, issue states his opposition to tolls on Interstate 81. He bases this position partly due to some questionable actions by the government regarding funding for other items, some of which border on ancient history. To be against funding for Interstate 81 improvements will do nothing to help the situation. I would like to hear his suggestions for accomplishing improvements and making the road more safe to travel.

Lonnie D. Goad, Strasburg

Former chairman of the Shenandoah County Republican Committee