The true cost of the proposed county-wide meals tax is being hidden by its cheerleaders, primarily the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors and the Chamber of Commerce.

Leaving aside the fiction that tourists from around the country will foot the bill for the new tax, no one is counting up the costs to local small businesses for implementing the tax. The accounting needed to separate taxed food and drink items from non-taxed items will become a major headache for small business owners who already operate on razor-thin margins. It’s hard to make sandwiches and fry eggs with the government’s hand that deep in your pocket!

It should also be mentioned that the county will need to implement new and costly procedures to collect additional tax revenues that even its proponents describe as “meager.” As my favorite founding father Alexander Hamilton aptly stated, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.”

Fortunately, a good candidate, Brad Pollack, is running for supervisor to replace cost-conscious Rich Walker. Pollack is candid, dedicated, and hardworking and would be an asset to our Board of Supervisors. 

Deborah McCormick, Fort Valley